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Tamil Nadu e Pass Apply online by visiting eRegister.tnega.org – With inflation in the amount of Covid cases, Tamil Nadu is practicing curfew and lockdown in the state. Although there is a resounding message from the Government of Tamil Nadu is asking everyone to remain at home, they have also launched TN ePass for individuals who require to travel to access emergency services. The government has instituted various rules and regulations to the ePass in order to ensure the public is not in a state of confusion and that citizens don’t take advantage of the ePass.

TN Lockdown Update Tamil Nadu government has stretched lockdown to a further week starting on the 31st May and ending on 7th June 2021 with no relief from the restrictions. The lockdown was extended officially on May 28th, 2021 by TN Chief Minister M K Stalin. In the meantime, the state government in TN has already increased the state’s lockdown starting on May 15th, 2021. This was done by restricting the rights of people and shop owners.

People can apply for the TN ePass through the official website provided by the TN Government, as per the rules.

Name of the State Tamil Nadu
Lockdown Status in Tamil Nadu Till 7th June 2021
Method of Application Online Only
Type of Lockdown
Strict Lockdown with Exemption of Essentials
Type of Pass
Inter-state and Intra-state Travel ePass
Official Authority Government of Tamil Nadu
Official Portal www.eregister.tnega.org

Tamil Nadu e Pass Apply Online

TN ePass Tamil Nadu

In applying to get when applying to the TN ePass, there are certain guidelines and rules that applicants must be aware of. These topics will assist you determine if you require the TN e Pass and what you should not.

Who is eligible to apply for TN ePass? 

The following are the categories for TN ePass applicants.

  • People on Government duties
  • The people who are responsible for the vital services like water, fire, police postal service, and other essential services.
  • People who require important services such as food, dairy, healthcare sector, and more.
  • Employees in the financial sector, such as banks and others
  • Patients or those with health issues who require to see a doctor
  • In the event of death or emergencies

Who is not eligible to apply to get TN ePass?

There are a few types of people who don’t need to apply to get the ePass. There are sections that discuss people who are not required an application for TN ePass.

  • Persons who have ties to the field of agriculture or animal husbandry
  • To transport items
  • Professionals who are responsible for the provision of services essential to the business
  • Plants and Enterprises

Important Points for Tamil Nadu e Pass

The TN Government has made some specific guidelines regarding how to use the TN ePass so read each aspect attentively.

  • Candidates who provide false information when filling out the ePass could be held accountable and receive legal action.
  • An application to apply to apply for TN ePass can be rejected in the event that the authorities don’t believe the reasons or data to be adequate and applicants must accept the rejection, without causing any disturbance.
  • If you return home from traveling with an ePass must remain in isolation at home for 14 days.

How to Apply for TN e Pass?

There are two sites where you can submit an application to get an application for the TN ePass. On one site you are able to apply for the vehicle ePass you travel within the state using your vehicle. On the other website you must apply to obtain an ePass when you are travelling from a different state or the country you are visiting from another country to Tamil Nadu.

How do I apply to apply for TN Vehicle ePass?

Below are some steps you need to follow in order to apply to be eligible for this TN Vehicle ePass.

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of https://serviceonline.gov.in/.

Step 2 –Now you need to click the option Newly Launched Services, after which , a box will pop before you.

Step 3 -Here , click on the state of Tamil Nadu and then on the option of ePass_TN.

Step 4 –Here you’ll see an application form to apply for TN e Pass so first take the time to read the application carefully.

Step 5  -Then, fill the form in a careful manner without any errors.

Step 6 – Make sure you tick the declaration box and after that you should receive your ID for registration.

The authorities will now go through the information supplied by you, and will make a decision on whether or not they will issue your with an ePass in the first instance or not. In the event that your ePass is approved by TN officials, then you will receive an email to the mobile number registered that you’ve provided when filling out the application to get your ePass and then you can take a photocopy from the ePass. Also, make sure you keep your government issued identity card along with the TN ePass.

How to Apply for TN ePass for Entry in Tamil Nadu?

If you’re traveling through Tamil Nadu, you will need an ePass also. Users must follow these steps in order to make an application to get the TN ePass in such a situation.

Step – 1 – First you have to visit the site of https://eregister.tnega.org/#/user/pass.

Step 2 –Next step, you need to choose the country you are coming from another state in India or from a different territory.

Step 3 The next step is to need to enter your mobile number. You will also need entered the captcha number.

Step 4 Then click Send OTP.

Step 5 The next step is to will need to enter the OTP you have received from your mobile number to confirm it.

Step 6 Then, on your next screen, you will need choose from the ePass type you would like to use.

Step 7 – Based on the choice you made the form will pop up for you to complete.

Step 8Now you must upload the documents you need like a medical report or marriage invitation card, as well as others to verify your motive of your visit.

Step 9  – ePass will only be presented after the complete confirmation of the information supplied by you. This could take a while. After this you will be provided with an application number that allows you to verify the status.

Then, once the ePass is accepted for use, to obtain the ePass you must show your Government identification document like an aadhar card, a election card, PAN card driving license, employee card and passport.

TN e Pass Status

To determine if the TN ePass is approved or not Here are the steps you must be following.

Step 1.Visit again on the website of eregister.tnega.org.

Step 2Again give the mobile number you used to apply.

Step 3 Input the captcha code and receive an OTP.

Step 4 After you verify your mobile number by entering an OTP in the following page you’ll go to another page that contains several app numbers.

Step 5: Click on the number of your application to determine if your application has been accepted or denied.

Step 6 – If your application is accepted, you can get your TN ePass on this page.

Documents Required for TN e Pass

When you apply for TN ePass If you are applying for TN ePass, here are some documents you need to be ready for upload.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Other identity documents that are photo-proof such as a passport PAN card, voter card, driving license, etc.
  • Document to prove that you have visited
  • Photographs of passport size

Be sure to make an application for TN ePass only when it is extremely urgent. While there is a possibility that Government of Tamil Nadu has granted this flexibility with regards to curfews, it is the responsibility of citizens to not take advantage of this opportunity. When filling out the ePass ensure that you submit only accurate information to avoid severe penalties in the event of incorrect details.

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